A Couple Vacationing In Hawaii Tipped Big On Their Tab. But What They Offered Next Changed Her LIFE!

Cayla Chandara moved to Hawaii to study and work, but she quickly found herself in a tough spot. She fell into debt and was no longer able to continue going to school as the cost of living was too high to do both. Until she could get a handle on her debt, she was stuck working two jobs and still unable to continue her education.

She was working two shifts and two different restaurants that day when she served a table that changed her life.

A couple from Australia sat in her section and they all seemed to get along. The couple started asking her what she was doing with her life, and she explained that she originally moved to Hawaii to go to school, but when she couldn’t afford to study and pay her rent, she had to choose. She was in too much debt to take out another loan and continue schooling, so for now, she was working as much as she could to reach her goal.
The couple paid their tab and left…and that’s when Cayla realized that they had left her a $400 tip. She knew where they were staying and rushed there after she finished her shift. She bought them a thank-you card and flowers to show her gratitude. She thought that was the end of it.The next day, that same couple returned to her restaurant and offered to help her out with her student loans…which totaled over $10,000!

No way, you don’t have to do that for me. I just wanted to say thank you,” Cayla remembers telling them, but they were insistent.

The couple wished to remain anonymous, but Cayla knows just how to thank them this time.

“I want to make them proud. I will take this opportunity with an open heart and be a better person that I can be every day,” She promises.

She is now a lot closer to her dreams than ever before!

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