A Couple Thought His 24-Year-Old Son Had Mental Issues, And Said THIS To Him On The Train! How Embarrassing!

People judge others based on very little information. It’s a habit that we humans picked up during our time here on Earth because it helped us to make quick decisions that usually meant life or death. It’s wet outside? It must be raining. It’s bright red? It’s probably poisonous. That guy is running as fast as he can? He’s probably being chased by a bear, I should probably run away, too…

Okay, maybe that last one is a bit outdated, but the mentality is still the same. We see something and draw our own conclusions…but sometimes, we are so, SO very wrong!


I know nothing about eye surgery, but I imagine that suddenly being able to see can be a very incredible experience. There are so many things to learn about and identify that basically, a person who had just gained their eyesight would act very much like an infant, learning everything from the beginning. Even learning to recognize the faces of their loved ones is probably a huge challenge. From the outside, this would probably seem like the boy had a mental disability, but in reality he had just accomplished something incredible! This story is just too sweet and it made me smile to think that this young man can now learn how to use his eyesight and has an even more wonderful life ahead of him!

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