A Couple Found $9,800 Abandoned In A Shopping Cart. They Returned It And Continued To Shop!

They were heading into Tractor Supply Co. when they noticed a bank envelope in their cart. They peeked inside and found $9,800 in stacks of $100, $50, and $20 bills! But instead of pocketing the cash and leaving the store, they dropped the envelope with the staff and continued with their errands. The store manager, Jeff Weltch, was impressed. The store was familiar with the couple – they shop there all the time, he says – but no one knows their names.

The staff did a little digging and called the bank for help to contact the owner of the envelope. There had been a checkbook inside, and her name was in it.

We’re not here to take advantage of any bad situation,” Weltch commented.


It turned out that the woman runs a restaurant, and the deposit was taken home on Sunday night with the intention of depositing the money at the bank on Monday morning. She was worried that the money would be stolen. She couldn’t leave it in her car because she needed to leave the windows rolled down for her dogs who would wait in the car while she ran her errands. She decided to take it with her into the store. When she came back out, she got distracted because one of her dogs had peed in the driver’s seat and left the envelope in the cart.

On Monday morning, she realized that the envelope was gone and immediately called the store. She correctly told them the color of the envelope and asked if anyone had seen it or turned it in.

She answered a few more questions for security, and was stunned to find the money untouched. She has offered the couple a free dinner at her restaurant as thanks.

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