A Couple Couldn’t Make It To Their Friend’s Wedding…But When THIS Arrived In The Mail, FACEBOOK Had A LOT To Say About It!

Some weddings nowadays are classified as “adults only.” This means no kids. For all of the bride and groom’s single friends, this is great! No kids to worry about running all over the place, no small children to interrupt the ceremony, and no accidents during meal time. For everyone else who wants to support the bride and groom, this is a HUGE hassle. Not only do we have to hire a babysitter, we also have to buy a gift. (Heavens forbid that the wedding is out of town because there is no way that I’d be able to leave the kids behind to travel to another city.) That’s where this couple found themselves, and the outcome is RIDICULOUS!

So let me introduce Jessica Baker, who was planning to attend a wedding with her husband one evening. They hadn’t been able to book any sitters for the occasion, but Jessica’s mom didn’t know the bride and groom so she offered to watch the kids for a few hours. Well, Jessica’s mom ended up being unavailable, they had to cancel their plans and miss their friend’s wedding. It was unfortunate, but the kids can’t just be left by themselves! However…a week later, they received THIS:


Yes, that’s right. A bill! A bill for missing the wedding that they couldn’t bring their children to because their sitter had to cancel. It seems like this bride didn’t understand that life happens. In fact, this is such a common thing that wedding planners actually¬†plan¬†on 10% to 15% of the wedding guests not showing up due to last-minute things. I don’t believe that this bride went through months of planning without a single person telling her about this fact, but when she took it upon herself to BILL her guests for a missed dinner…well, here’s what Facebook had to say about it…


Eek! When Jessica sent this story to a local news station, they immediately asked their viewers what they thought about this story! These answers are priceless! And yes, this bride certainly got a wake up call after this story went viral, but really…what did she expect? It’s becoming more and more common, too. Parents are sending bills to people who miss their kid’s birthday parties, couples are sending invoices out from missed occasions…tell me, when does this nonsense end?!

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