A Cop Pulled Her Son Over And Wrote Him A Ticket!

Heather Snow was out with her son one Sunday evening just watching him play and drive around in his little toy truck. He was making rounds in their apartment’s parking lot with his trusty sidekick riding in the back when an officer spotted them. He must have been able to tell that the dangerous duo was up to no good because he stopped them and issued a ticket…

“Too fast!”

Little Nathan pulled over, and the officer asked mom if she had a camera and wanted to take pictures – how perfect! She took a picture of the actual ticket that the cop wrote – “too fast!”
Mom wanted to post the interaction for her friends and family, but the adorable exchange quickly went viral. Not only did her son get to talk to a real police officer (and get excited over the flashing lights), he had a positive interaction with law enforcement which will hopefully help him as he grows up.

Other officers who saw the post shared that these moments are what helps them get through their work days. They see so much hate and violence on a daily basis and being able to make a child’s day in a positive way keeps them going.

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