A Cop Finds THIS In The Back Of A Man’s Truck…This Can’t Be Legal!! OMG!

Is your job relatively routine, or do you find yourself constantly discovering new things to try and figure out? After a while, your workday can become a little bit mundane, so when something crazy like THIS happens, you can find yourself with a bad case of, “well, now what…?”

This poor cop did NOT deserve this amount of confusion! This joke is hilarious.

A cop was sitting in his usual speed-trap spot when he saw a truck speed by. He flipped on his lights and turned on the siren, walking up to the truck and noticing that the truck bed was filled with penguins. Actual, live penguins. He was understandably perplexed and decided to talk to the driver.
When he got to the driver’s window, he asked, “Excuse me sir, but why do you have all those penguins in the back of your truck?”
“I’m sorry Officer,” the man replied, “but I just don’t know what to do with them!”
Incredulous, the officer responded, “Take them to the zoo!”
The driver thanked the officer and drove off.
The next day the cop was in the same spot when he saw the same truck driver speed by again. He flipped on his lights and sirens only to be even more confused when he noticed that all of the penguins were wearing sunglasses. Frustrated, the cop reprimands the guy for not dropping his penguins off at the zoo.
“I thought I told you to take those penguins to the zoo!” he yelled when he confronted the driver.
“I did, Officer,” the driver replied, “and today we’re going to the beach!”

Alright, I will admit that this joke took me much longer to catch on than I would like to admit. I see a lot of jokes throughout the day, but this one just GOT me! I can just imagine this cop’s unending confusion as he is writing this ticket and wondering if he should call animal control. It’s not everyday you come into contact with exotic animals! If I were that cop, the only thing I would be thinking about is the massive amount of paper work that would be waiting for me at my desk when I was done with my shift! 

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