A Colorblind Art Teacher Can Finally See The Colors In His Own Artwork!

Greg Chapman never really noticed that he was color blind.

I’ve had this for 40 years and nobody has ever told me?”

He didn’t find out that he had problems seeing reds and greens until he was 40 years old, and it was devastating. Art was his life, but the knowledge that there was more to be seen, and that he couldn’t see it was just awful. His students were just as sad. They knew that art was his life and his passion.

The crab apple tree turns red every year and I know this, but actually being able to see the pink and purple hues took my breath away.”

One student mentioned that one of his paintings was “exquisite” when he posted it on Facebook, but his response broke her heart.

I cant’ imagine how it looks to you. I’m in love with it and can’t even see all of the spectrum. My eyes are red green color deficient. I see reds and greens, but not all of their ranges.” 5.12a9

The student couldn’t let the statement go. She got in touch with many of Chapman’s former students and started a fundraiser online to raise enough money to buy him a pair of glasses that could correct his color blindness.

I didn’t ask him if he wanted them, I just got them. He’s an art teacher who can’t see all the colors of the rainbow; that’s just not okay.”

Chapman stumbled across the fundraiser before it was finished, but he was completely blown away by the support.

The world is even more beautiful than I thought it was,” he said. 5.12a10

Whether he was talking about the glasses or the students, we may never know.

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