A Civilian Caught This Officer And Snapped THESE Photos…Here’s What HE Had To Say About The Whole Ordeal!

The best thing about cell phones is that they all come equipped with a camera. Anything that happens can be instantly documented – if you are fast enough. Sometimes, this can be a bad thing. Companies can get bad publicity when someone films an employee going off on a customer, and celebrities have even less privacy than they did before. Even random people on the street can have their social lives destroyed if someone posts a candid picture of them online. 

For this officer, the exact opposite happened! This picture was snapped and posted online…he tried to ignore that it all happened, but his response is inspiring! 

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This Sergeant deserves every single “like” and “share” he has received so far! So many times, people do things without wanting any recognition at all. He did it because it was the right thing to do, not because it would give him attention or gain appreciation. He did it because his heart told him to, and one amazing person was there to document the whole thing without him even noticing! 

He will be retiring soon, but I sincerely hope that the next person to take his place will do the position justice and look out for those in the community that need support. More people need to be like Sergeant Hagarty – and all it takes is a few people to start a trend!

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