A Car Pulled Into His Shop For An Oil Change. He Nearly Called The Police When He Saw What Was INSIDE!

Could you last 10 minutes sitting in a hot car? I don’t mean a car without proper A/C and the windows rolled down. I mean no A/C, the windows rolled all the way up, sitting in the sun on a black top parking lot. Most people can’t, and thanks to rising awareness, less and less people are leaving their kids in their locked cars while they run into the store “really quick – I only need one thing!” But even with all of the signs and commercials and studies, people are still leaving their kids and pets in overheating cars, and when THIS happened at a mechanic’s shop…well, I would have reacted in the exact same way!


While they definitely had reason to call the police, I think this is the wake up call that this woman deserved! She knew what she was doing was illegal, but she did it anyway for the sake of convenience. In my state, it is legal to break a car’s window if there is a child or pet locked inside. Check in your state to see what the laws are, and keep a look out for children who may have been neglected in this way while you’re out and about on your errands! This is a practice that needs to STOP, and it will only happen if we make it happen!

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