A Brunette Goes To The Doctor…Too Funny!

Well, here’s a twist! Leave it to the doctors to make us feel incredibly dumb. Seriously, once I went to see my eye doctor because my contact lenses were itchy, blurry, and kept popping out every few times that I blinked. I had dealt with the inconvenience all day, but by lunch time I was ready to scream! I booked an emergency appointment and went in…only to have her tell me that I had switched my lenses into the wrong eyes and put them in backwards…that was the most embarrassing visit I’ve ever had in my life. At least she didn’t charge me for the visit!


I would laugh…except that I went through the same embarrassing diagnosis at my own visit! Some things just aren’t as obvious to me as they would be to everybody else. I still got a chuckle out of this punchline, no matter what color the patient’s hair was. Too many times I find myself missing the “big picture” and focusing on the little things!

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