A Brewery In Florida Has Started A Trend That Could Save Hundreds Of Thousands Of Lives!

A huge problem for ocean life is pollution. Animals and fish alike end up trapped in stray plastic or eating bits of trash that ultimately kill them. Young creatures get caught up in discarded bags and are slowly strangled as they grow. One of the ocean’s biggest problem? The plastic rings that hold 6-packs of soda and beer together. One brewing company based in Florida is trying to combat this issue head-on. They are challenging others to do the same. They firmly believe that it is time for a change!
They have developed an alternative way to package their products! The Saltwater Brewery was able to take the leftover pulp from the wheat and barley used to brew their beer and transform it into packaging. It is 100% edible, and is biodegradable if it somehow ends up in the ocean.

Instead of killing the sea life, they are feeding it.

The package is just as durable as plastic, they claim, and they are very excited about this switch. With so much at stake, any little thing we can do to help the planet is welcome. Their idea isn’t a new one, but they are making waves by implementing it and challenging other companies to do the same.While their model might not work for every brewing company or manufacturer, they are challenging other companies to seriously consider how they can help the environment instead of adding to the problem with excess waste. There are so many alternatives to plastic, and its about time people start utilizing alternative ways to package their products!

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