A Boy Threw A ROCK At Her Little Girl! Her Response Has The Internet In A HUGE Debate!

“I bet he likes you,” might be something that you’ve heard growing up. Maybe someone told that to you when another kid made you cry, or maybe a teacher said it to another student after some incident between two kids. It was meant to be a harmless way to mend feelings, but the reality is that violence should never be comparable to romance. Ever.

When this mom took her 4 year old daughter to the hospital to get stitches (yes, you read that right) on her cheek, she was devastated. A boy in her daughter’s class had thrown a rock at her face, leaving a deep enough cut to require a trip to the emergency room! That is not how she wants her daughter to learn to be treated when someone “likes her,” and I completely agree. Read her Facebook post and get the whole story!


This mother has the right idea, and I hope that she told him what she thought of his comment. Violence is never the answer, but this phrase has been around since…well, probably before our parents were born. It’s hard to change the mindset of an entire society, but we can start by teaching our kids that there are better ways to deal with their feelings and that resorting to violence isĀ neverĀ alright.

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