A Boy From California Finds A Message In A Bottle…And Needs YOUR Help!

Ryder Goggin, 5, was walking on the beach with his mother on New Year’s Eve enjoying the scenery. Suddenly, he decided to jump across a piece of driftwood – because that’s what 5-year-old’s do! Once he made it to the other side of the log, he started getting really excited.

“I didn’t want to cross,” his mom said about that moment. “All of a sudden he started yelling at me!”

What had gotten Ryder so worked up? “Buried treasure,” of course! It took a while to open up the letter. Over 28 years of salt water, sand, bugs, and rust had sealed the bottle shut tightly. They fought with the bottle for quite some time, but the determined mom was finally able to open it up and read what was inside:


In very neat handwriting, a 10-year-old boy had written a hopeful message to a kind stranger. A message that never made it in the time-frame he was hoping for. “Hi — my name is Chris. I am 10 years old and in the 5th grade. I live in Sacramento. Call me when you find this to let me know where it washed ashore. September 5th 1988.”


Mom knew that her son was disappointed that it was “just a letter.” He had been hoping for a treasure map. When the number turned out to be disconnected, she turned to Facebook for help. Thousands of people have shared the picture of the bottle and the note that was inside, hoping to find the mysterious “Chris.”

#findChris is now trending, and although it is unlikely that this will result in actually finding the illusive Chris, it is neat to see the way social media can work together for causes so quickly.

“We haven’t found him. A lot of people are looking and I have gotten tons of messages about it. I would like to hear that he was an adventurous kid and his life went really well.”

“Chris had an adventurous spirit and he put the bottle on the water, and Ryder was the perfect little boy to find it,” she said. “I hope we find Chris. … I would just thank him for putting the bottle on the water and allowing us this amazing experience.”

If you know a 36/37 year old man named Chris, show him this picture and see if it jogs his memory!

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