A Box Of Q-Tips From A Thrift Store Was Hiding ACTUAL Treasure! One Woman’s Incredible Find Is Changing Lives!

Heading out to a thrift store in search of interesting things is a past time that many people enjoy. One such woman, Loretta Simms, was out doing just that when she stumbled across someone’s secret collection. When Simms purchased a box of cotton swabs, she had no idea that she had discovered actual treasure.

Re-using older items cuts down on waste in general and saves a bit of cash, so when she picked up a box of cotton swabs for fifty cents, Simms thought that it was a steal! She planned to use the tiny swabs to clean the dust and grime out of the cracks in her window frames. They were just the right size!

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When she got home, she opened the box and nearly dropped it! Inside, a jewelry box greeted her with gleaming gems. 

Eight rings and one pearl necklace had been nestled away for safekeeping, presumably to keep them hidden from thieves.

Simms immediately went back to the store to show them what she had taken. They looked up the donation and discovered that it had been donated by a man from overseas. When his sister had passed away, the man had donated everything to the thrift store as all proceeds are donated to the hospital across the street.

The total worth of the jewelry was about $1,800, and the store was happy to make the donation thanks to Simms’ honesty!

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