A Blind Customer Needed Help With His Shopping List. Another Customer Capture THIS Moment To Share With All Of Us!

What is your first reaction when you see someone in public with a disability who needs just a bit of help? Do you try to help them, or do you try to stay out of their way? It can be a difficult thing to offer your help to someone who might need an extra hand grabbing something from the top shelf in the convenience store or reaching the top button in the elevator because it might come across as pity instead. People can end up treating someone with a disability a bit like a child if they aren’t familiar with the specific limitations, and that condescension can ruin someone’s day. That’s why this story is so special. This woman witnessed something truly inspiring, and everyone is thankful that she shared it!


…the two set off to Sunday grocery shop – – together.”


This young man took the initiative to help this frequent customer without making him feel like less of a person for having a disability. He reminded the man who he was and continued where they had left off the last time they had spoken. He helped him through his groceries and budget, treating him like a friend and not like a child who needed help crossing the street. We can all learn a thing or two from this story! Help out where you can, and respect the people that you’re helping!

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