A Barber Made Fun Of This Kid For Being “Dumb.” When The Truth Is Revealed, This Boy Is Too Smart!

People make a lot of assumptions based on age. When you see someone who looks younger, you automatically assume that you are smarter than them. Your 40+ years of experience surely outweighs theirs, and some people even go so far as to think they there is nothing to be learned from someone younger. We see this attitude constantly, and while it might be correct in some cases, it’s usually a rather silly way of thinking. Everyone has different experiences that shape who they are. Some people are better at things than others regardless of age. This man just didn’t seem to think that¬†anyone¬†could be smarter than him…


You would think that after losing several dollars’s worth of quarters, this barber would have caught on to the trick the boy was playing on him, but he was too caught up in the fact that he was “smarter” than the child to notice. I like to think that the barber’s customer never told anyone about the boy’s secret. If it means the barber unknowingly buys this boy’s ice cream every Saturday, what’s the harm in that? None that I can see!

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