A 6-Year-Old Taught These Girls A Lesson They Will NEVER Forget. He’s So Clever!

Kids have a knack for saying things at the wrong time. Sure, maybe they mean well, but shouting out that you can see my leg hair is not helpful in a store full of shoppers, kid. A lot of times, the things they say in public can make us cringe and wish we could have left them at home, but for this dad, bringing his kid to the movies turned out to be the best thing they would do for a while.

I brought my 6-year-old son to watch Ice Age 4. When we were inside the movie theater, there were these three really annoying teenage girls who kept on spoiling each scene before it even happened. I might not have minded, but they were sitting beside us.

As everyone tried to keep their calm and not fight with the three girls, my son randomly said something out loud.

“Hey, daddy?” He started.

“Yes?” I prompted him, not caring about how loud we were due to the girls beside us.

“Ms. Miller taught us about respect today.” He said confidently, talking about his school teacher.

“That’s a good lesson!” I answered, smiling. I could tell where he was going with this.

“Daddy…” He started again.

“Yes?” I answered.

“Does everyone go to preschool?” He asked even louder.

“Usually, yes. Why?” I answered, just as loud.

“Because…why aren’t the girls beside us showing any respect? Did they miss preschool?”

I didn’t have the time to laugh – the parents around us beat me to it. I have never been so proud of my kid.

This kid sure is perceptive! I’m not positive that any of my kids would have been this quick or clever to put those girls in their place. A lot of the adults probably wanted to say something but weren’t sure how to go about it. This kid didn’t even care! I probably would have gone to get a manager to deal with the annoying girls, but I’m sure the entire theater was glad that the kid was smart enough to come up with this on the fly!

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