A 3-Year-Old Boy Discovered An EAGLE In His Backyard! They Did EXACTLY The Right Thing!

What would you do if you found a wild animal in your backyard? Most people would pull out their cameras and film it or take a picture to share online! We live (for the most part) fairly sheltered lives away from the wilds. We buy our food from a store in nice little packages. We have our clothes made for us, our water runs on its own, and our homes have regulated heating and cooling. So seeing a wild animal inside of our manicured yards and neat little houses can throw us for a loop sometimes! So when this family found an EAGLE in their backyard? They called the professionals!


She had cuts on her face, bent feathers and was having seizures. Her liver and kidneys were failing as well.”


Fortunately, Missy has lots of experience with eagles, and knew exactly how to handle and treat this one.”

2.16d3 Thanks to these professionals, this eagle was able to fly once more, regain her sight, and even reunite with her long-lost mate! They expect to see little eagle eaglets in the very near future – they were reunited just in time for mating season! This family saved a gorgeous bird…and quite possibly an entire eagle family!

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