A 2nd Grader Wrote A Fake Note From Her “Parents,” But The School’s Staff BELIEVED It! This Is Infuriating!

One second-grader decided that she didn’t want to stay at her after-school program. Instead, she wanted to go home and eat a meal cooked by grandma. So she did what any little kid would do in such a situation: she forged a note from her parents in order to take the bus home early.

To dad’s shock (and with a healthy dose of horror), the after-school staff accepted her note and let her get on the bus instead of keeping her at the school.

His little girl boarded the bus and arrived home…only to find the doors locked and with no way in to her house. She was in the after-school program so that she wouldn’t be alone while her parents were at work, but with no one home to let her in, she ended up sitting on the front porch. A concerned neighbor spotted her from across the street and took her inside.5.9a1

Seeing that he was an actual adult (unlike the school’s staff) he called her father and let him know what was going on.

Dad immediately picked up his little girl and rushed to the school to confront the staff…whose reactions completely explained why they would have let her get on the bus in the first place.

Dad retrieved the note from the staff and asked, “Does this look like a note that a parent would write?” He said, holding up the note that was obviously written by a child that didn’t know how to spell “bus” or use the word “to.”5.9a2And with an attitude, the staff responded with, “No, that’s why I asked my boss…” Admitting that this wasn’t only her fault, it was also the fault of the person in charge. Chilling.

The district released this statement in light of the incident…but it hasn’t made anyone feel better about leaving their kids in the care of the staff. It should be common sense not to let a 7-year-old hand in a fake note and send them off alone without calling a parent to notify them.

Dad admits that his daughter shouldn’t have written the note. But come on, she’s 7. She isn’t supposed to be an adult in the situation…the adults are supposed to be the adults in the situation.

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