A 23-Year Old Opened A Milkshake Bar After Being Released From Prison! And He Has An Important Message.

Prince Wasim’s time in prison changed who he was as a person. He had been a car fanatic and made some wrong choices that landed him behind bars. But instead of getting angry, he reassessed his life. He realized that getting kicked out of school, driving cool cars, and showing off to others about the things that you have is no way to live life, and his journey is amazing.

Taking his mother’s car out to impress girls and younger kids, he was always breaking the rules to seem “cool.” He got a degree in international business and finance, but didn’t use it to further his life. Instead, he got into a lot of trouble.

His mother is a tailor, and his father owns a community center, and they agreed to help him open up his own business. He used all of his savings and got assistance from his family to open up a little shop called “Milk Shiekh.”5.11a5

He serves waffles, crepes, various desserts, and all kinds of milkshakes! His hometown doesn’t have anything like it – the closest crepe shop is too far.

He sees a lot of children come in and order, so he uses the time to talk to them about what they want out of life. He wants them to know that the rappers that they see on television, with fancy cars and expensive clothes are not what makes you cool.

I tell them, ‘no, owning a business is cool.'”5.11a6

If the community can help the children to realize what matters in life, maybe less of them will end up getting into trouble, he believes, and he is doing everything that he can to point them in the right direction.

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