A 14-Year-Old Girl Hides Her Pregnancy Until She Goes Into LABOR, And Her Story Is SHOCKING!

Teenage pregnancy is a hard thing to talk about for a lot of people. Starting life at such a young age and taking on so much responsibility before even getting the chance to graduate from high school is one of the most difficult things to do, but many young girls still face this challenge every single year. Through a combination of peer pressure, not learning the facts about reproduction, and not having the resources to prevent pregnancy, they find themselves in impossible situations and nowhere to turn. This young mom shares her story with the internet, and we’re all so glad that she did.

I was 14 when I got pregnant and had my daughter. I was scared and hid my pregnancy from everyone and wore very big coats until the day of labor. I begged my boyfriend at the time to be the one to tell my mother. He said, “You’re not pregnant, just fat.” I wanted to believe it so bad even with the kicking and aches and 2 positive tests.

It was a Friday when I started having contractions. After a few days I couldn’t bear the pain anymore. I told my mom and she cried. I was rushed to the hospital where the nurses made their snide comments and I tried so hard to be invisible, which is hard when everyone is shocked at the 14 year old in labor. The anesthesiologist said “It’s such a shame” while I’m hunched over getting the epidural. I had my daughter that Monday night while Sponge bob played in the background.

She was born healthy, long, and had an obsession with chewing on her fists. A social worker came to talk to me while I was in the hospital asking if the sex was consensual and some other questions. My mom and family friend bought the items I needed for her and I had a very awkward baby shower a few weeks after my daughter was born.

I was 15 with a year old daughter and a boyfriend who “hated babysitting” his own daughter while I went to school. My mom told me not to tell anyone at my school I had a daughter until I showed I got good grades so people couldn’t say anything about me being a lazy teen mother. I get good grades but I’m not so hot at chemistry, my only bad class. My counselor calls me in every 2/3 weeks to ask if I’m pregnant again, what I’m doing at home to prevent becoming pregnant, wouldn’t it have been better to give her up for adoption, etc. She’s very rude and condescending. My then boyfriend goes to visit his family in another state and falls for some chick in his neighborhood and informs me he’s not coming back. I’m now a single mother crying in the shower with no friends and wishing I was dead.

I was 17 and in a different school and I have friends and lost a lot of weight. I’m still under a lot of stress and end up having a breakdown while in the middle of class. I went to a psychiatrist and got pills. I have depression and anxiety. The pills made me sleepy and hazy so I stop. A few months later I meet my current boyfriend who is also to be my prom date. My daughter is healthy, happy, and extremely smart. I work with her every day on reading, writing her name, ABC mouse, and math.

I’m 21 now with a 6 year old daughter. I have a healthy and happy relationship of almost 4 years with my current boyfriend who is also my best friend. One of my friends is a 55 year old pastor and she has been a true blessing. She helped me realize that a lot of why I felt buried alive. Because I was, and part of it because of me. I was in a ditch letting people throw dirt on me, and soon enough I was buried alive. It took some time and a lot of self reflection but I feel so much better. I still get depressed, but it’s different. My depression has become in some way a friend I’m drifting apart from. It’s weird and sad in a way to feel myself progressing to a new phase of life and new mentality. I don’t think I’ll ever not feel some depression, but I definitely don’t feel like I’m drowning anymore. I feel blessed, I appreciate the people who are in my life, and I am so lucky to be a mother and how I’ve grown. I don’t know if things happen for a reason, but because things happen there are reasons to be found, learned, and appreciated.

I just needed to get this all out. Thanks for reading if you did.

She tried her best to keep her life together even after her baby’s father turned his back on them. She struggled and fought and finally succeeded, making a life for both herself and her daughter during the most uncertain times! This story was touching. She never gave up, even when she was under so much stress, she never gave up. She got help, pushed forward, and found a new way of life that she had never imagined possible! I’m so glad that she shared her story with the world! 

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