A 12-Year-Old Re-Created A MASTERPIECE On Her Brother’s Wall!

Sarah lives in San Antonio, Texas, and she loves art. From landscapes to self-portraits, she does it all. She loves to experiment with different textures and mediums, creating and learning from each piece that she finishes. Her most recent experiment was on her brother’s wall. He came home to find that his little sister had painted a sun on his bedroom wall.

As a joke, he told her to paint that famous one by Vincent van Gogh, “The Starry Night,” instead.

Okay, just buy the paint.”

And he did. Excited, she worked on it every day, recreating the masterpiece and adding a bit of her own personal style into the mix! Halfway through the process, he snapped a picture and posted it online with a sweet caption.5.12a16

When my sister was 3 she would draw all over my walls, now she is 12 and I realize she was just practicing.”

The picture went viral in a matter of hours, retweeting and responding with over 20,000 reactions.

He showed his sister the response of thousands of people. She couldn’t really believe that it was true. He doesn’t really see the tweet as “his.” It was all his little sister from start to finish.

She poses in front of the finished piece, taking a bow and smiling shyly. Many people want to know if she will try to make a career out of her art, but Sarah’s dream includes being a doctor. Whatever it is that Sarah sets her mind to, her family has no doubt about it. She will succeed, whether as a doctor or an artist!5.12a14

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