99 Out Of 100 People Said “Thanks” When He Held Open A Door For Them. Are You The 99%?

Steve Foran was in Halifax, Nova Scotia and decided to try out a social experiment with the residents there. He held open doors randomly around a few streets and recorded the people who walked through them. They didn’t necessarily know what to expect, but didn’t expect for almost everyone to actually say “thank you.”

99 people out of 100 said something along the lines of gratitude when he held open the door, and that one person who didn’t?

We did have one that didn’t say thank you. We’re not here to judge them because on any given day, that could be me [or] it could be you … I suspect of the 100 people, there were probably a bunch of them having a bad day, but grateful people make people grateful.”8.22a8

Foran and his team went to six random locations: a shopping mall, a shopping center, a coffee shop, two office buildings, and a fast food shop. They were pleasantly surprised by the results. His company normally does research for large businesses in order to create better work environments for its employees through appreciation and gratitude, but his team wondered if they would be able to do that same research using the general public.

They posted the video online, and within one day had over 74,000 shares. Reactions on social media have been largely positive, and many people claim that their hometowns would receive similar results. Others think that people were just confused by a man standing awkwardly by a door and staring them down as they tried to pass through. 8.22a10

What do you think about this experiment? Do you think this experiment would be successful in your town?


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