98-Year-Old Widower Bakes Every Day For This Incredible Reason

After 72 years of marriage, Leo Keller found himself suddenly alone at 98 years old. His wife passed away from dementia, and for a while…he just didn’t know what to do with himself. He wasn’t sure about much, but he knew that he enjoyed baking and eating sweets. So, he started baking.

Very soon, he had more pastries and pies and cakes than he knew what to do with, so he started giving them away for free.

In the year following his wife’s death, he baked 144 treats.Now, Kelley wakes up every day and starts baking. He gives his baked goods away to the sick, fellow widowers and widows, and often gives cakes to his local funeral home to be served at their receptions.

He pays attention to whom each cake is for. Diabetics will receive cakes that have fruits instead of added sugars, and he is mindful of allergies, customizing recipes for the people who receive his baked goods.

To see the smile on their face. That’s worth all the money in the world. Nobody can buy that. That smile means so much to me.” He explained. “Everything I do, I do it with love. That’s my secret ingredient, is love.”

He feels his wife’s presence every time he opens the oven – she picked it out when they moved into their home 62 years ago.

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