96-Year-Old Veteran Gets His Wish Granted Thanks To This Nonprofit!

Way back in 1940, Edmund DelBarone started boot camp in Newport, Rhode Island with the U.S. Navy. He had no idea that he would launch a career that would span the next 20 years of his life, leaving him with memories that he would never forget.

DelBarone is an artist, and his talents were utilized to paint emblems for naval ships by hand. He painted murals for Veterans of Foreign Wars and countless others, but even decades after his service ended, he still found himself wanting to return.

While he may be too old to serve now, he had a dream to return to a Navy installation in order to reminisce and see what had changed since he had last stepped foot on a naval vessel. That’s when Wish of a Lifetime knew that this was one dream they could fulfill.One Thursday afternoon, his dream came true. He was taken on a tour of the Naval Station Newport in Rhode Island and was able to see a few of the ships currently assigned to the base. He was impressed and knew that he’d have loved taking them out to sea.

Veterans from World War II used to visit the naval station during hosted reunions, but as time passed and more veterans aged, they hadn’t hosted anything in recent years. They were proud to be able to offer such an experience to DelBarone.

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