95-Year-Old Woman Won The Lottery…Her First Purchase? A Cell Phone! “I Want To Send Photos.”

Ursula McCafferty plays the lottery every Friday, but this week was different. She won a $30,000 prize! McCafferty has five children and 12 grandchildren (and 4 great-grandchildren!), so she knows what it feels like have a lot of people to look after. When she received the prize money, she decided to purchase a new cell phone!

I had a little [phone] and it didn’t do anything. I don’t want to be one of these people that has a thumb stuck on my phone all the time but I want to be able to look up the weather and be able to send a photo.”

At 95, she isn’t able to drive anymore and played the lottery every week for entertainment. She wins a nice amount every week…but has never won anything close to $30,000! She called her daughter and told her to come over right away, but she misunderstood and thought that her mother said $1,000.8.10a7

When she realized how much her mother had actually won, she was excited and helped McCafferty pick out a new phone. But she won’t be making any other purchases and intends to put the winnings to good use.

She is giving each of her children $2,000 and putting a large portion of it into a trust. The daughter who helps her the most has received $3,000, but her siblings aren’t jealous because they know how much she does on a daily basis to help their mother. “She’s worth the extra thousand,” McCafferty said about her helpful daughter.

Her kids have already sent her dozens of roses to say “thanks!”

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