93-Year-Old Waves At Passing School Bus Every Day. One Day, She Isn’t There, But Has This To Say

After 53 years of marriage, 30 grandchildren, and 23 great-grandchildren, Louise Edlen found joy in simply watching the local school bus drive past her window. She waved to the children with both hands, and the children on the bus always waved back at the sweet old woman. Louise may not remember her children’s names after so many decades, but she always remembered to stand at the window and wave to the school bus as it passed, and she has done so every school day for┬áthe past five years.

But one day, she wasn’t there, and the children noticed. Over the next several days, the children became upset when they didn’t see the friendly old woman who waved with both hands, so their bus driver, Carol, decided to find out what had happened.

She sent a bouquet of flowers to the address of the woman, explaining that the kids missed her at the window. The next day? A sign that said ‘THANK YOU ‘ was displayed! Carol was told that Louise had suffered a stroke, and three weeks later, met the woman in the hospital with a gift from the children on the bus.11-1a3

The kids posed for a picture waving out of the bus windows, and Carol brought it to the hospital where Louise was recovering. Carol told her that the kids miss her famous double-handed wave.

The stroke partially paralyzed Louise, but she fought to speak the words “I miss them, too.”

She hopes for a quick recovery, and plans to stand at the window once more to wave to the children very soon.


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