91-Year-Old Woman Has Wallet Stolen At Grocery Store. Officers Catch This Moment!

An unnamed 91-year-old woman reported that her wallet had been stolen while she was shopping at her local grocery store. She was in the produce section filling up her cart with her weekly groceries when she was approached by a strange man. He distracted her with idle chatter while his accomplice stole her wallet out of her purse behind her back. The woman now found herself dealing with a frustrating situation.

The officers who responded knew that they needed to help in more ways than one. Officer Jumelles purchased the woman’s groceries so that she wouldn’t have to make another trip later. The manager of the grocery store offered to make the purchase himself, but Jumelles insisted.

The officers helped her to call her banks and credit card companies to cancel her cards.
Officer Esteve brought her a gift card for the supermarket later that day to replace the $60 in food stamps that had been taken.

The woman’s reaction was caught on the officer’s body cameras, and she couldn’t believe the kindness being showed to her. The officers reminded her to always stay vigilant when she was out in public; to lock her doors, keep her purse zipped up, and roll up her car windows when she wasn’t using it.

The story was so sweet, it went viral almost overnight!

People who heard about it began to share it, hoping that the thieves would see it and feel ashamed – stealing from a 91-year-old was incredibly low!

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