91-Year-Old Knits Thousands Of Hats For The Homeless From Hospice Care.

Morrie Boogart is on constant bed rest at 91 years of age, but he won’t let that stop him from helping others in any way that he can. He knows that come fall, the temperatures in Michigan will plummet, and thousands of people living on the streets will need all of the help that they can get. Although he claims to be “very slow,” he knits hats for the people who will need them the most, and produces one hat roughly every 2 days.

He has been helping the homeless by knitting hats for over 15 years and has been able to provide over 8,000 hats so far. As a 91-year-old man on bed rest, he admits that he does it because “it just makes me feel good.” He doesn’t want to waste any of the time that he has left, and people are thankful for his efforts.¬†8.22a23

Morrie lives at¬†Cambridge Manors in Grandville, Michigan, and the home gladly accepts donations of yarn and hats to pass on to Morrie and the homeless in his name. He wishes that he could knit faster, but producing one hat every two days is a novice knitter’s dream.

He is fighting skin cancer and has a mass on his kidney, but the only time he isn’t knitting is when he falls asleep. He just wants to help as much as possible, and people are in awe of his dedication.


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