90-Year-Old Pleads For Kind Home To Take In His Elderly Cats

Over a decade ago, an 77-year-old man opened his front door to the sound of meowing. One of the stray cats in the neighborhood was pregnant and about to give birth. She must have known that the couple living at that house were kind because she trusted them enough to have her litter inside. Two female kittens were brought into the world, and after they were weaned, the mother cat disappeared, leaving them behind.

The old man and his wife just couldn’t say goodbye to the kittens and decided to raise them. Ten years later, his wife would pass away, leaving him to start a new chapter of his life in an assisted living facility. He had been allowed to bring his beloved cats with him, but just three years later, he was no longer in good enough health to care for them.

With a broken heart, her surrendered the cats to a local shelter, hoping that someone would take them in together.Initially, the shelter separated Fluffy and Phoebe. Elderly cats were less likely to get adopted, and even less likely to get adoptedĀ together, but the cats couldn’t bear the separation. They stopped eating and shied away from everyone around them.

Finally, two volunteers decided to take them home together and foster them. Instantly, the cats returned to their normal states, eating well and grooming one another, never straying out of sight of the other for long.

Eventually, their prayers were answered. A large family decided that two cats were exactly what they needed and took the two cats home, re-naming them Blanche and Sophia; their real-life Golden Girls!

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