90-Year-Old Has The BEST Reason For Getting Her First Tattoo!

Heather Brooks had never gotten a tattoo. She had never been a fan of them and always felt “too old” to get one after a certain age. But after a five year battle with cancer, she changed her mind. She wanted to get a tattoo that would have meaning. When people asked about it, she wanted to be able to start a discussion, so she chose something near and dear to her heart. 9-8a1The pink ribbon for cancer research is now proudly displayed on her right forearm, where everyone is sure to see it. The tattooist was so impressed with her enthusiasm that he promised to give her another for free once she turned 100.

It just seemed to me to be a fitting tribute to Cancer Research, who do such good work. I owe my life to them.”

She is now free and clear of cancer and able to live normally, enjoying the time spent with her family with a newfound appreciation for life.

She was ultimately convinced to get the tattoo by her two grandchildren who have tattoos of their own. She was a little nervous, but reports that it didn’t hurt. The tattoo shop was excited as she is now their oldest client, topping a 75-year-old man who got a scorpion tattooed on his shoulder last year.

When she went to the hospital for a follow-up blood draw, she was nervous about what the nurse might say when she saw it. She was nervous about nothing because the nurse was delighted when she saw what Heather had done.


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