90-Year-Old Grandmother Spends Her Days Decorating The Buildings In Her Small Town

When the weather warms up enough to spend her days outside, this 90-year-old woman from Louka, Czech Republic, picks up her paintbrush and uses the buildings in her town as a canvas.

Anežka (Agnes) Kašpárková used to work in agriculture, but once she had finished her working life, she needed something else to fill her time. She followed in the footsteps of another woman who had been doing the same thing years before and found that she deeply enjoyed her new hobby. As an artist, simply being able to go outside and do something that she thoroughly enjoys doing is reward enough. She paints with a small brush and bright blue paint in the traditional Moravian style, working her craft around windows, doorways, and small buildings that have been painted white, using all sorts of odds and ends to reach the high spots.Everyone knows of her now that she has gotten viral fame, but she would be doing it regardless. Just being able to get out and do what she loves makes it worth it.She doesn’t use any patterns and loves to work using her imagination, deciding on patterns and decorations as she paints.

Her favorite thing to paint, she says, is the little chapel, re-touching the artwork every spring as soon as the weather is warm! The gorgeous designs are truly inspiring, and she plans to continue with her incredible hobby for as long as she can!

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