9-Year-Old Raises $500 For Her Little Brother’s Surgery…By Opening A Lemonade Stand!

Addison lives in New Mexico, but her little brother needs heart surgery, and he has to travel all the way to Houston, Texas to get it. It’s an expensive trip, and Addison overheard her grandmother, who is their primary caretaker, talking with grandpa about how they would afford for the family to travel. Addison wouldn’t stand for it.

She got together with her friends and drew pictures to sell at their Lemonade stand. Their lemonade was sold for .25 cents for a small cup and .50 cents for a larger cup. Their drawings were sold at .25 cents a piece! They weren’t sure how much they would raise, but they were very hopeful.

They stood outside for hours on end to raise money for the trip. At the end of the day, they had raised $568.10 exactly. They were so proud and excited to give it to her grandmother for the trip! They didn’t keep a cent, and didn’t want to buy anything for themselves.¬†

New Mexico police officers were some of the biggest customers and helped to spread the word about the stand. Addison’s family thanked the community via social media…and the story exploded! The girl’s plan worked out so well that she is going to host a bake sale for two hours on the next Saturday afternoon and hopes to raise more money for her family to be able to bring her brother to the hospital and receive his surgery.

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