9 Times People Forgot That They Added Their Bosses On FACEBOOK! How Embarrassing!!

Who have you friended on Facebook? After a while, you may have forgotten about the random acquaintances you added as friends months or even years ago. Sometimes we add our bosses on Facebook but then forget to block them from seeing our posts! That is exactly what happened to these poor souls. All they wanted to do was vent about their jobs – hey, we all need to from time to time…right? But maybe not on social media!!


This may have been the perfect time to remember that you had friended you boss on Facebook!! How embarrassing. I hope she didn’t get fired…


YIKES! This is a terrible way to get fired! She can’t even hide the evidence. Here’s a tip: the next time you want to complain about your boss, call your best friend, don’t post it online!


Hey, what’s wrong with a planning what you’ll be doing after work? And may I point out that this boss was on Facebook at the same time as the employee! I bet it was a boring shift if they had BOTH turned to social media! Who’s really in the wrong here?


Remind me never to go to fast food joints ever again! Don’t worry, this guy was definitely fired after he posted THIS to social media! I just don’t understand some people…0


See, here is another one…a frustrated employee takes to Facebook…but so does their boss! I’m wondering why this is. If it’s so busy, you’d think the bosses would be too busy to check social media. Right?


Oh, no…While this woman didn’t post online while she was supposed to be working, this one is almost WORSE! Not only did she lie to her friends to get out of a dinner date, but she blamed it on her boss. But she forgot that she had added them BOTH on Facebook! This is awful! She must have felt terrible, but I would hate to be her “friend” in this position!


Well, if you’re going to do something like THIS, maayybe you shouldn’t post it to social media! Yikes! This just seems so incredibly foolish…


Another boss lurking on Facebook in time to catch their bored employees! This one just makes me laugh. The grammar, the timing, and the comments by the friends just make this a hilarious post.


And now, the grand finale! This employee thought just a little too highly of himself and didn’t stop to think about what it would mean to post his “dirty laundry” online! SNAP! This boss had the last word. I hope he took a screen shot because this is evidence!

Have you ever accidentally posted something online? Maybe it was supposed to be a message to a friend that somehow ended up on their wall! Hey, it happens to the best of us! In the meantime, just stay vigilant…and don’t friend your bosses on Facebook!

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