9 Things You Should NEVER Say To Start A Conversation. These Are “Instant Fights” Just Waiting To Happen!

We get it. Being a human is hard sometimes. There isn’t a manual to look up the “do’s and don’t’s” of a normal, everyday conversation, but if you can avoid starting a conversation with these horribly awkward phrases, you’ll be off to a great start! People around the internet decided to compile a list of their least favorite phrases of all time. They seem to be universally awful!

We need to talk.”

You might as well have said “I’m about to insult you.”

Do you know what your problem is?”

No, tell me. This couldn’t¬†possibly¬†go wrong.

Don’t take this that wrong way, but…”

I’m going to take this the wrong way.

I know the answer is probably ‘no,’ but…”

You’re right. Don’t be annoying. Now my answer is ‘no.’

When are you due?”

I’m not pregnant?

Don’t get mad, but…”

Too late.

No offense, but…”

But? You’re about to offend me.

Are you sure you should be eating that?”

Yes. And I was going to offer you the last bite but now it’s mine, too!

Can you stay after work on Friday?”

Yes, but it means I’ll be equally late on Monday, so…your choice!

Just…just don’t!


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