9 Parenting Hacks That EVERYONE Should Know!

You don’t need to have a child of your own to make use of these parenting hacks! You can use these when you’re babysitting, for your nieces and nephews, or even just for the kids of your friends when they come over to visit! If you want to be the “cool” friend, take some time and see if you can make use of a few of these ideas!

1. Never lose water cups!

Attach magnets to the kid’s water cups to place them easily onto the fridge! This makes it so much easier for midnight trips to the kitchen for water, or keeping them hydrated during play time after school!


2. Prevent MOLD in bath toys!

Plug the little holes in the kid’s bath toys to keep them from growing mold and mildew! If there is an odd smell coming from the bathtub, it might be worth it to cut open those toys and see what’s really going on inside. If you want to save them, soak them in water and vinegar to try and clean them out, but it might be easier to just start over! Hot glue will work for most rubber bath toys and it’s easy to do!


3. Keep fast food in ONE place – OFF of the floors!!

Have you been the unlucky one to find a three week old french fry that somehow became squashed between the seats in the van? What am I saying, of course you have! On long road trips or stops after practice, wrangling all of those meals can become a huge hassle. Using a shower caddy will keep their food in one place, and keep their drinks from toppling over on accident.


4. Make your sinks kid-friendly!

If the children in your life are too short to reach the sink by themselves and you don’t have a little stool, just make the faucet longer! You can use any bottle – just cut an empty bottle open on one side and use it to bring water to your kids! No more balancing them on your knees while they clean their little hands!


5. Keep shoes on the RIGHT feet with a sticker!

You’ll probably have to use a new sticker every day until they get they learn which shoe goes on which foot, but this is an easy technique to not only let them do it themselves, but to help them learn quickly. Plus, who else can say they have Spider Man in their shoes?! Too cool.


6. Add a towel hook to the back of a highchair for easy bib storage!

This hack made my life so much easier! I used to keep all of the bibs in random areas around the house depending on where I folded the clean laundry, but this is just so much more convenient. No one has to stop and ask me where a bib is – check the back of the hi-chair!


7. Use a pool noodle to stop banging doors.

Want to keep doors from slamming shut and pinching little fingers? This is great and also prevents a door from closing loudly enough to wake the baby! A finger that got slammed in a door might bruise and turn purple, making the injury much more scary than it really is. Prevent this by using a pool noodle! One noodle will fit about 6 or 7 doors, so try this soon!


8. An upside-down crazy straw is hard to pull out of a cup!

If the kids have upgraded form a sippy cup to straws, seal a crazy straw inside of the lid to prevent the kids from pulling them out and making a mess. It won’t prevent spills entirely if they drop the cup, however…but every little bit counts!


9. Make a “calm down” jar.

Time outs are boring. Time outs are meant to give kids a chance to take a step back, think, and evaluate how they really feel about a situation. Using a jar filled with glitter, glitter glue, and small items can make this time much easier to focus on. Depending on how you make your calm down jar, they can range anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. The only rule? You can’t leave time out until the glitter has settled!


Hopefully you can use a lot of these different tricks to make life with the kids easier! Whether they are yours or someone else’s, these hacks are easy to do and can make a world of difference!

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