9 Baby Elephants That Will Make Your Day SO MUCH Better

Everyone loves elephants! They’re smart, strong, and loyal…but do you know what is better than an elephant? A baby elephant! Little calves are born weighing around 250 pounds and can be up to 3 feet tall – right out of the womb! They also have very little control of where their trunks flop around, which is why they are often seen in silly positions!

And like all babies, they love milk! Little baby elephants can drink up to 3 gallons of milk each day. Yikes! While male elephants will leave their herds around 12 years of age, female elephants will stay with their herd for life.
Baby elephants love to explore their world and interact with the things they see – much like human babies!They love to splash in the water, too!Understandably, they have little legs!Babies stick close to mom at all times.Once they gain control of their trunks, they love to do as much as possible!But until then…
It’s nice to be a baby elephant!

Now, don’t you feel better?

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