8th Grader Wrote 3 Things He Wished His Teacher Knew About Him, And It’s Breaking Hearts

Austin Saunders has Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Fine Motor Skill Delay, and Anxiety Disorder, but none of those will ever stop him from trying his hardest to get a handle on how he feels. He knows that these things hold him back in life, but he is determined to work through them, even when life seems overwhelming at times. He wrote this response to a writing prompt and is raising awareness for many people who have never encountered someone like him.

I wish that they knew that I am autistic. I wish that my teacher knew that I need help on a lot of things like my handwriting. I wish that my teacher know that I have a depressed life sometimes. I wish my teacher knew that I am not being defiant I am overwhelmed shutting down. I wish that my teacher knew that I am very good at bottling up anger and having outbursts.”


When his mother read her son’s struggles and then the teacher’s cheery response, she knew that she had to share it. 

you are doing great so far! Glad you’re in my class!”

Amy Saunders, Austin’s mother, knows that her son has a lot to deal with on a daily basis, but she also knows that he works through his frustrations in his own way, and is glad that his teacher understands that as well. She wants other parents and teachers and children to better understand children who have these disabilities and to love them through their struggles.

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