89-Year-Old Pennsylvania Man Took A Trip To The Store…And Ended Up In Alabama!

Jody Tarbutton, an 89-year-old man, set out one weekend to go shopping at a nearby store in his neighborhood, but after driving for 900 miles, found himself more than a little confused. After becoming hopelessly lost, he decided to ask for help.

He stopped a diner to ask police officers where he was. They immediately realized that the man was in distress and tried to help as much as they could. When he asked the officers where he was, their answer shocked him.

“You’re in Alabama. Haleyville, Alabama.” One of the officers told him.

The man was at a complete loss. The officers took him to the police station and ran his driver’s license to try and help. It turns out that his family had already contacted the police as he had been missing for two days! They reached out to authorities in his area and took him to a hospital for a check up. He was dehydrated and had high blood pressure, but nothing else was wrong.

“We never, never, never expected to hear the news that he was in Alabama,” his daughter, Cindy, had already posted a plea on Facebook to help locate her father. She immediately hopped on a plane and reunited with her father at the hospital.

She reported that her father didn’t have dementia, but is sure that his unplanned road trip was simply due to old age and forgetfulness.

“It’s just been amazing that it all turned out so well,” she said.

Police discovered a child-sized soda and hamburgers in his truck, and while he must have driven through severe weather, officials aren’t too sure which route he may have taken to end up 900 miles from home.

Cindy bought a plane ticket for her father, and locals are arranging for the man’s truck to be shipped back home.

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