89-Year-Old Man Refused To Quit His Back-Breaking Job, So One Guy Raised $170,000 Instead.

Fidenicio Sanchez has been pushing his popcicle cart for years and wasn’t planning on stopping anytime soon. This was how he had been providing for his family for decades, and age, his health, and even his stooped shoulders wasn’t going to make him quit for anything in the world. 9-12a13But Joel Cervantes was driving through Sanchez’s neighborhood in Chicago when he noticed the exhausted old man walking down the sidewalk, struggling with each step. The cart was heavy, but even after Cervantes bough 20 popcicles and gave the man $50, he watched as the man continued to push his wares up the road.

He couldn’t stand it.

Cervantes enlisted the help of his friend Joe and together they decided to try and raise $3,000 to donate to the man. They posted his story and this photograph, asking for people to donate. His daughter had been sustaining them, but she passed away just one month ago. This meant that Fidencio needed to now take on the finances of the family, and it was hard work for a man of his advanced age.

The 89-year-old man shouldn’t be working this hard just to make a living, they said, and while the money wouldn’t allow him to retire, it would allow him to relax just a bit.

In just two days, 7,920 strangers donated $172,730.


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