87-Year-Old Woman Trapped In Tub For 4 Days Was Saved By Concerned Waitress

Doreen Mann had predictably dined at Tomassi’s cafe four times a week for nearly ten years. Her late husband had moved into a care home and she needed somewhere to go. She would order a cup of tea and a slice of cake, and soon became a favorite among the staff at the cafe.

She had dined at the cafe on her birthday, a Wednesday, and it was the last time anyone at the cafe had seen her. When she didn’t arrive on Saturday, they thought that maybe she had visitors over the weekend to celebrate…

But when she still hadn’t arrived for her usual tea and cake on Monday, 39-year-old waitress Sonia Congrave decided to call the police. She told the police that she hadn’t seen the woman in nearly a week, and was very worried that something had happened.
10-18a9When police arrived at Doreen’s home, they found the patio doors unlocked and could hear the woman calling for help.

Four days before, she had gone for a bath at 9:30am and found that she couldn’t get back out. Her knees were bruised from her efforts, but she was determined to survive. She would fill the tub with warm water and let it out again after it had cooled. She had covered herself in towels and a bathrobe to keep warm, and had survived for four days by drinking water from the tap.

“If it wasn’t for her, I would probably still be sitting there. I kept myself calm and thought ‘I mustn’t panic’ but I never want to experience that again.” Doreen said.

She has since given Sonia a spare set of keys to her home, and Sonia has purchased a cell phone for Doreen. Thanks to the caring waitress, Doreen survived…and was ready for a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake.


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