86-Year-Old Woman Marries Again After 25 Years In A STUNNING Purple Wedding Gown!

Millie Taylor-Morrison had been happily married for 41 years, but over two decades ago, her husband passed away. She continued living, enjoying her family and friends, finding joy where she could each and every day.

25 years later, one week after her 86th birthday, she stood in her doorway with a beaming smile and a gorgeous gown, prepared to start a new chapter in the book of her life. Her new husband will soon turn 86 as well, in December of 2016. Her family takes pictures, excited for the matriach of their family and happy that she has found a new love to share her life with.10-19a1She designed the gown herself, a stunning work of intricate patterns and a glamorous overcoat, with a delicate hair piece to match. The large bouquet a bold choice for a bold woman, proving that age is just a number.

Her wedding so late in life is inspiring others who still hold out hope that they too may find love again one day. Finding one love in life is already a special achievement, and to find two is exceedingly wonderful!

Once the photograph went viral, people couldn’t believe that she was a day over 65, and comment that the joy on her face is absolutely stunning. At 86, we can only hope to be as lovely as Millie Taylor-Morrison!


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