86-Year-Old Learns To Knit In Order To Give Hats To Premature Babies

Ed Moseley greeted his 86th birthday wondering what was next in his life. He no longer had the mobility it took to dance, and he wasn’t agile enough to continue playing golf, but he wasn’t ready to just give up on life. A retired engineer, Moseley knew that he wasn’t too old to learn something else and decided to focus on learning a new skill that could benefit someone else.

The answer came to him unexpectedly when the NICU unit at Northside Hospital in Atlanta reached out to its surrounded nursing homes to ask for knit cap donations for its preemies.

He thought it was an excellent idea, but there was just one problem: he had no idea how to knit. With the support of his family and friends, he took the time to learn, using a loom kit.11-21a6He has since knitted over 50 caps for premature babies in ever color imaginable! His story started to spread in the community and inspired others to learn the skill. Those who didn’t have the time to knit started to drop off balls of yarn for him to use.

It was a slow process, but learning to knit just takes practice and patience. While his first cap took several hours to complete, he can now knit a cap in a single hour! He watches the news or sports while he knits, and discovered an enjoyable hobby.

He encourages others to learn so that they too can donate knit caps to their own local hospitals!


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