86-Year-Old Grandma Says “Please” And “Thank You” Into Her Google Searches For An ADORABLE Reason!

May Ashworth had been doing something unusual when using the internet, and when her grandson found out, he just had to share the hilarious antics with his friends!

No one expects elderly people to be able to quickly grasp the concept of “the internet” as it was created well after they may have retired, but sometimes, the things they do are just too cute to pass up. When Ben John opened his grandmother’s laptop, he noticed something strange typed into the Google search bar:

please translate these roman numerals mcmxcviii thank you”9-28a8

Ben laughed and asked his Nan why she had written her search that way…and her answer made the situation ten times better. She thought that someone at Google was sitting on the other end of “the internet” answering questions typed into the search bar. She thought that if she asked politely, they would answer her question faster!

The precious story eventually made its way to the folks at Google in the UK who decided to answer her:


So, in this case, Nan was right! There really was someone at Google sitting around and waiting to answer questions! Of course, Ben explained to her how a Google search worked shortly after, and many people were glad to hear that the story had a happy ending! This adorable Nan was happy to see her story on the news and hopes that it made someone’s day!


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