8-Year-Old Came Home With This “Brand,” And Dad Is FURIOUS! The School’s Response Is Shocking.

An 8-year-old third-grader from Alabama (remaining nameless for privacy) was sent home with the most embarrassing thing issued by a school in probably forever: a brand.8.19a9

I Need Lunch Money :)”

The sarcastic use of a smiling face knocked this issue over the edge for one parent who decided to call the school out on their methods for notifying parents when a child’s lunch account reached $0.

I can’t think of one logical reason why anyone would stamp on a note on a child’s arm,” he said. “We have so much technology and multiple ways to communicate.” He explained.

The stamp is ridiculous, and the boy was forced to attend school for the last half of the day with a stamp that tells the other kids his family’s financial situation. It stood out like a beacon, and all of the other students instantly assumed that he had either forgotten to bring his lunch money, or that his parents forgot to give him any – and he was humiliated.

The district uses this method commonly when a child’s account runs out, but the child’s father says that he still had enough for one more lunch as they pay attention to when they need to refill it. His father hadn’t been notified of the policy before his distraught son came home with the stamp, and was disgusted that the school would “brand” and herd the kids around like cattle.

Stamping notes onto their arms is just one step closer to school becoming an assembly line.”

The Principal of the school, Laura Ware, was more upset that the boy’s father reached out to a reporter before reaching out to the school, and the district claims that they had no idea that the school was doing this to children.

What would you do if YOUR child came home with this stamp?


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