8 Veggies That End Up Paying For Themselves! Have You Tried This Before?!

Many root vegetables will actually start to grow again after you’ve used them for dinner! All it takes is a little bit of patience and the discarded bits of your old veggies! There’s no need to start a garden from the seeds – you can get a head start with these awesome methods! Get our your notepad and write these down.

Spring onions4.4a22

These little bits of onions aren’t so good to eat, but you can use the discarded roots to grow more! Submerge the roots in a glass of water and place it in a well-lit room. You should see sprouts in a few days!

Fresh garlic4.4a23

Cloves of garlic will sprout some tasty little shoots if left alone in the back of your pantry for weeks on end…but they’ll grow even faster (and on purpose) if you leave them in water. These shoots are delicious and make a great addition to different dishes!

Bok choy4.4a24

If you leave the tough roots of bok choy submerged in a bowl of water for a few weeks, you’ll see sprouts! Leave these in a well-lit room, and when you notice the shoots, you can transfer the cabbage to a pot and continue to grow the vegetable until it’s full-sized again! Delicious.


Those crusty carrot tops don’t belong in the garbage! Place them in sunlight and water and watch as they sprout again and start growing! Put them in soil and grow your own carrots!


You can grow your own basil by placing shoots of basil in a glass of water and leaving it in the sunlight! You can re-grow the shoots when they have doubled in length (or around 7cm). You’ll have fresh herbs at your fingertips!


Put that old celery base in a cup of warm water and let it sit in the sun for a while. Once the center starts to grow again, plant the whole chunk in the ground and start your own garden!

Romaine lettuce4.4a28

In the same way as celery and bok choy, leaving the base of this lettuce in water and sunlight for a few days will sprout new leaves in a matter of days! Replant them and marvel at this delicious chunk of lettuce.


In a few days, you’ll be able to replant this coriander if you place a few shoots in water and leave them in the sunlight. In only a few days, you’ll see progress!

This is a great science experiment for the kids, and in a few weeks, you’ll be able to eat the results! It’s easy and fun!

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