8 Times People FAILED At Baby Photo Shoot Ideas! #PinterestFails

We love taking pictures of our kids – especially when they are younger – because before we know it, they’ll be all grown up and having kids of their own. In the past, it was enough to take a quick snapshot while they were playing or at their birthday party. Now? We have the technology to set up some really impressive photographs right in our own homes. One website, Pinterest, is used by millions of people around the world to showcase their creative talent and inspire others to do the same. But sometimes, the end results fall a little…well, short.

7.11a9It isn’t always the photographer who had very high expectations…many times, it’s just the kids!7.11a10Alright, well, maybe this time it was the parents…7.11a11Babies want to eat EVERYTHING! Like, ALL of the time…especially plastic ornaments!7.11a12This baby was a bit too big for the net!7.11a13“Mom! Don’t ship me away!”
7.11a14This is NOT as fun as it looks!7.11a15It was perfect! The lighting, the backdrop, the cake, and even the outfit! The baby, however…7.11a16BONUS! These kiddos did NOT appreciate being so close to the snow!7.11a17Even if the scenery and set up is just right, you can’t guarantee a perfect shot. The pictures will still be hung on the wall, and the memories will last for decades to come, but these Pinterest Fails are hilarious and we are glad that the parents decided to share them with the world.

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