8 Reasons You Should Buy A Coloring Book For YOURSELF! Seriously, It’s Good For Your BRAIN!

Coloring books aren’t just for kids anymore. In fact, there are many different books made specifically for adults as research shows that coloring helps your brain to relax, reduces stress, and helps to relieve anxiety. Best of all? It’s fun!

1. Coloring will improve your concentration.

“Staying in the lines” requires attention to detail and forces your brain to concentrate without you having to physically pay attention to what you are doing. Yes, you’re looking at what you’re doing and staying in the lines, but you aren’t creating those lines, so your brain can relax while it follows instructions.


2. Coloring will strengthen your motor skills.

This constant practice will improve the strength in the muscles of your hands and fingers. Most of us don’t use a pen or pencil very often anymore – practically everything is done on the computer. Coloring will help you to gain control of your movements. Want a challenge? Try coloring with your non-dominant hand for some real practice.

3. Coloring reduces stress and anxiety.

Within just a few minutes of coloring, your blood pressure will go down, even people suffering from acute stress or panic attacks. When your brain has something else to concentrate on, your mind can relax and start to process without extra pressures from the world around you.


4. Coloring is easy.

Anyone can do it, and that means you don’t have to spend a lot of money on it. Print out some free coloring pages online, grab a box of coloring pencils and you’re set. There’s no need to bust out your wallet for pricey supplies. That’s one thing off of your mind.

5. Coloring can help you to socialize.

Have you ever been to a coloring party? Have you ever been to a party that turned into a coloring party? When conversation is slow, bust out some adult coloring pages. It’s like a deck of cards, but without the “which game should we play” argument.12.16a3

6. Coloring expresses your creativity.

When you take out your coloring book, it’s yours. No one else needs to see it. You have complete freedom to do whatever you want. Is the sky purple today? Sure. Did you not realize that the owl’s wing wasn’t part of that tree, and now you’ve colored it green? Doesn’t matter. Did you stray outside of the lines? Who cares.

7. Coloring can give you a sense of accomplishment.

That feeling when you’ve completed a project is just as strong (if not stronger) when you finish a coloring page. Unless you’ve finished coloring an arctic fox in a snowstorm during winter, you’ll have filled in all of the white spaces with vibrant colors, and your brain will thank you for it. With so many things in our lives unfinished, this is one that we can count on.


8. Coloring is decoration.

You can use your coloring pages for all sorts of fun crafts and decorations. Get creative and make fun artwork for your guestroom, or crazy artwork for the downstairs powder room. Use pages for a vibrant collage to post on the fridge. Every time you look at your art, you can relive that sense of accomplishment!

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