8-Month-Old Baby Saved From A House Fire By Selfless Family Dog!

While 8-month-old Viviana is in serious condition, she is alive thanks to the heroic efforts of the family dog, Polo.

Erika Poremski stepped out to her car to grab something while Viviana was asleep, but when she turned around, her home had suddenly caught on fire.

I just don’t know why this stuff happens.” Erika said, still in shock over the events.

8.18a1She immediately tried to go back inside of the home to save her daughter, but the flames were too hot. She sustained burns on her hands and arms from trying repeatedly to re-enter the home. She began to scream for help, and neighbors tried to enter the home as well. They broke windows, kicked in the doors, but no one was able to get past the flames that had seemingly come out of nowhere.
Fire fighters entered the home from the second story window and found that the family dog had been shielding Viviana with his own body. He hadn’t tried to escape the flames even though the door was open, and instead stayed firmly on top of the baby, even when he was being burned. Because of his selfless act, Viviana was partially shielded from the fire and only sustained burns to her face, arm, and side.

Paramedics were able to revive Viviana who is now in intensive care. Polo did not survive the fire.

He was my first baby and now I lost him,” Erika┬ásaid about Polo. “And I’m just praying I don’t lose her” speaking of her daughter. “She’s all I have and it just happened so fast, I just don’t understand it.”8.18a2

The cause of the fire is under investigation, but we’re in awe of this loyal dog’s sacrifice that saved a baby from a devastating fire…and we hope he is enjoying a nice, juicy steak in doggy heaven!

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