8-Month-Old Baby Discovered 30 Feet Away In STORM DRAIN After Auto Accident

First responders in Arkansas feared that they were searching this hay field for a recovery – not a rescue…until they heard something that sent waves of hope through them: the cry of a baby.

An 18-wheeler clipped the side of a family’s car. The resulting wreck launched the family’s 8-month-old baby girl into the nearby field, and while the family was being treated by medical personnel, firefighters were slowly combing the area, inch by inch. A good Samaritan claimed to have heard “something” in the field after the accident, but no one else had heard anything since.11-28a10But then they came across this storm drain and heard a brief whimper. Three feet below, they shined their flashlights and saw the baby girl sitting up and staring at them. She wasn’t crying, but instead raised her hands to gesture “up,” and she was quickly pulled out by three firemen and taken to the hospital for evaluation.

Miraculously, she had only suffered a few scrapes on her forehead.

The child’s car seat had not been properly fastened, and the force of the accident launched her out of the car to roll on the soft hay before falling into the drain. The driver of the 18-wheeler was cited for an improper and dangerous lane change, but the family was not cited for an improperly secured car seat.

The amazing story reminds anyone traveling with a child to have the car seat checked and inspected before use.


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